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Yelp’s New Interface in Your Face!

If you’ve visited Yelp today to find a local business in your neighborhood, you probably noticed quite the facelift! We’re excited to introduce Yelp’s new look and our brand new business pages—re-imagined, re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up.

You’ll notice our new design emphasizes the unique local content our community has contributed and makes finding key business information even easier for consumers. While we’ve improved every element on the business page, we thought we’d highlight just a few of the key changes that we think you’re gonna love!

Snapshot Yelp Business Listing

Since photos are used to determine an incredible amount about a business, the new design puts them front and center. Instead of a small thumbnail, we’re featuring up to six big, beautiful photos of the business. Now a quick glance at a restaurant’s page can give you a feel for the dining experience, food quality and ambiance, all within mere seconds.

Yelp’s review highlights give you a birds-eye-view of our community’s favorite elements of a business. Because review highlights are so useful, we’ve given them a huge upgrade, mining our review data to call out the best menu items, prices and important information like whether a bar is beer and wine only. Looks like we should head to Tataki South during happy hour, try the Garlic Edamame to start and order the one-of-a-kind Extinguisher Roll (yum!).

Snapshot Yelp Review Highlights

Yelpers have contributed more than 53 million reviews to date, so of course we couldn’t leave this important section untouched. Since Yelp’s rich content is so valuable in helping people make spending decisions, we adjusted the column width and font size for optimal readability, while adding large photos in-line to give further context to a Yelper’s experience. Whoa, look at that flame in Allison’s photo—now we know why they call it the Extinguisher Roll!

Snapshot Yelp Review with Photos

Whether it’s finding a restaurant for a special occasion, a doctor for an important health question or a reliable place to rent a car for a weekend trip—we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier to connect people with great local businesses. With 120 million unique visitors turning to Yelp each month (on average as of Q4 2013), we hope these changes will make it even easier to do just that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s happy hour at Tataki South, gotta run!