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#YelpEatsLocal at Daily Eats in Tampa

Yelp Elites are always on the search.

Whether it be for the next cool mural that pops up around town for photos. The best bite of food. Or a way to connect with the community. In this case they were on the search for all of that and each other, literally!

Tackle the Daily Eats Guest List Word Search. Find the full puzzle and read the amazing event reviews on Yelp.

The search for community was aided by Yelp Tampa Bay during this socially distant event. Each Elite took part in solving a word search with the guest list. While Tampa icon, Daily Eats helped the Yelp Elites on their quest for the best foodie finds. Guests were invited to sample one of the many signature shredder bowls or sandwiches from the groovy, new school diner. 

 The Yelp Elite Squad has always abided by 2 philosophies: #EatLocal and #PhonesEatFirst. Until now. A new guiding principle is here, and it is called #DessertFirst. That’s right along with their meals the Elites could order their choice of delicious hand spun milkshake. From classic vanilla to knock-your-socks-off cookies n creme these milkshakes are game changers in Tampa Bay’s foodie scene. 

For a group of locavores who are always on the search. This event was the ultimate find: tasty eats, epic murals, and new friends. Yelp Elites are so grateful for Daily Eats. 

The signature Ciccio Group mural captured perfectly by Rachel L.

The orange sign and the magnificent mural make it impossible to miss! Since this restaurant is open 7 days a week serving breakfast until close it is the perfect addition to a weekly routine! Many Elites look forward to bringing Daily Eats into their lifestyle.


Check out Daily Eats by CRG at 901 S. Howard Ave in Tampa Florida. They are open Monday-Sunday, 8am-8pm. Awesome drink specials, the most absurdly delicious Captain Crunch french toast, and warm service is all waiting.  We will be following along with their Instagram and Facebook @ilovedailyeats to stay on the lookout for the next special.