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Yelp Testifying in Google Antitrust Hearing: Self-Preferencing by Dominant Internet Platforms

Tomorrow, Yelp is testifying before the US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust in the hearing titled Self-Preferencing by Dominant Internet Platforms on competition policy and consumer rights related to Google’s self-preferencing in local search results. You can read the full testimony here

Google deprives consumers of access to the highest quality results for their queries when they place their local search service higher on the search results page, in a more attractive format, than any organic links to other local search verticals. A coalition of consumer groups and local search companies made a simple video describing how Google could make simple changes to how it displays local search results and how consumers’ welfare and competition would be improved.

It is heartening that policy makers and regulators across the globe are beginning to take these issues so seriously. We look forward to continuing to assist in any way we can.