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Yelp’s New Apple Watch Series 5 App Adds a Compass to Direct You to More Businesses You’ll Love

Today, Yelp is releasing a newly designed Apple Watch app that brings greater value to consumers, leveraging the innovative new features the Apple Watch Series 5 has to offer. People are always looking for greater convenience — especially a seamless way to travel without having to constantly pull out their smartphones. We want to help people get off their phones and easily find that new restaurant or coffee shop. 

Now, with the Apple Watch Series 5, you’ll find a new compass feature that points you in the right direction of a local business. The compass will appear on the bottom right-hand corner of Yelp business listings. Based on where you’re facing, the compass will turn with you in real-time, providing updated estimates of how many miles or feet a business is away from you.

Additionally, if a user has indicated their personal preferences on the Yelp iOS app, then the Yelp app on watchOS 6 will also reflect their personalized results. These businesses will be labeled “for you,” using the same recently introduced heart icon found in the iPhone app. Users with watchOS 6 will also notice that the Yelp app has a new modernized look, with an updated scrolling user interface.

Yelp users with watchOS 6 running on previous Apple Watch models will experience this new modern interface, as well as the personalized search results. You’ll also find that Yelp more closely mirrors your iPhone app experience. 

Try it out for yourself — install the Yelp app on your Apple Watch today to start discovering new local businesses on the go!