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Yelp Now Available in and Hound

Yelp has really become ubiquitous! Not only do millions of people connect with local businesses through Yelp’s apps and sites, but people can also access Yelp content from great third-party services. People use Yelp in Siri and Apple Maps everyday on their iPhones to find local businesses. Yelp even helps you get where you need to go thanks to several in-car integrations including BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus and Toyota. And you see Yelp all the time when using popular apps such as Trulia, Bing and Yahoo as well as literally thousands of other apps as well.

Today, we’re excited to share two other cool products that will be leveraging Yelp’s local wisdom: Microsoft’s email service and voice search app Hound.

For users, the Yelp add-in makes it easy to find and suggest great restaurants, shopping destinations and other local businesses. The add-in provides Yelp photos, reviews and contact information and places these details right in the body of your message or meeting invite, making that lunch meeting, dinner date, or appointment easier to find and way more likely to be a five-star experience.

[full_image img=”” caption=”Search for a lunch spot in the Yelp add-in for Outlook, and voila! Instant email upgrade.” caption_type=”side”]

The Hound app, launching out of beta today, lets you find pretty much anything with a simple voice search. After your initial request you can ask follow-up questions to clarify what you are looking for and even exclude certain results to help you find exactly what you want. The app’s ability to respond lightning fast to complex voice searches lets people easily get more personally relevant results and discover great new businesses on Yelp. Check it out in action:


These are just two examples out of the thousands of developers who use Yelp’s API. Beyond making local search look like a piece of cake, Yelp’s API also allows developers to connect transactions to their apps and sites through action links. Not only does Yelp get to connect even more consumers to great local businesses, but it’s also pretty cool to see developers using Yelp data to build innovative consumer experiences.

If you’re a developer looking to use Yelp’s wealth of high quality data in your next project, go to to get started. We’ve also got a Hackathon challenge underway, so there’s never been a better time to build something new with Yelp data!