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Yelp launches limited-edition wallpaper collection benefiting small businesses in collaboration with Chasing Paper

Will help cover the cost of installation for the first 30 people who purchase the wallpaper

When looking to refresh and revamp their spaces, many people turn to wallpaper for a stylish transformation, whether it be for a living room, home office, bathroom or family room. In fact, according to Yelp data, over the last year we’ve seen a 359% increase in interest for wallpaper installation. To create a fun way for people to get in on the trend while celebrating beloved small businesses, Yelp collaborated with home decor brand Chasing Paper to introduce a series of three wallpaper prints, with proceeds benefiting nonprofits that support local entrepreneurs and business communities. The collection features unique prints made up of sketches of iconic and highly-rated small businesses in three cities: New York City, San Francisco and Austin.

The Yelp x Chasing Paper Small Business Wallpaper was designed by graphic designer and illustrator Amanda Giuffre of Noun New York. Available in three colorways, each wallpaper design features cherished restaurants, bookstores, and other independent businesses. Among the 36 businesses featured are Waterloo Records in Austin, TX, Liholiho Yacht Club in San Francisco and Books are Magic in Brooklyn, NY. The limited-edition range is available for purchase starting today at, with prices starting at $90 for traditional wallpaper.

The Yelp x Chasing Paper San Francisco print in the black and white colorway. Photo: Chasing Paper

To help make home design dreams come to life with the help of trusted local professionals, Yelp is offering to help cover the costs of wallpaper installation for the first 30 people who purchase panels of the limited-edition traditional wallpaper print and use Yelp’s Request a Quote feature to hire a home service professional.* As the leading destination for connecting with local businesses, millions of users come to Yelp each month to find home services professionals to get their projects done, including wallpaper installation specialists, handymen, contractors, and more.

The New York City print Yelp x Chasing Paper wallpaper, in blue and grey. Photo: Chasing Paper

All of Yelp’s contributions to the collaboration and a portion of Chasing Paper’s proceeds will go back to nonprofits that are committed to assisting local entrepreneurs and small businesses through services like trainings and communal facilities, including: La Cocina in San Francisco, Hot Bread Kitchen in New York, and BiGAUSTIN in Austin.**

Each city-themed wallpaper design features a variety of local businesses — from hidden gems such as NY Dosas, a vegan Indian food cart in New York City, to the famed San Francisco LGBTQ bar and nightclub Oasis, and Austin’s la Barbecue, an LGBTQ and woman-owned restaurant redefining Bar-b-que in the heart of Texas,  which has 4.5 stars and over 2,500 reviews.

The Yelp x Chasing Paper Austin wallpaper, in red and white. Photo: Chasing Paper

To design the wallpaper, Yelp tapped New York City-based graphic designer and illustrator Amanda Giuffre of Noun New York. Inspired by the city around her, Giuffre began doodling Giuffre was tapped by Yelp to design the wallpaper after we came across the artist’s unique illustrations of her favorite New York City spots. Inspired by the city around her as the pandemic took hold, Giuffre began doodling the local businesses she used to frequent that made her city feel like home, and that she and many other New Yorkers began to miss during the shutdowns. After seeing Giuffre’s illustrations, Yelp brought her on board to create exclusive designs that would celebrate local favorites and inspire people everywhere to shop small.

Each design comes in three colorways: black and white, red and white, and grey and blue. The highly-rated local businesses, selected by Yelp based on a variety of factors,*** include everything from bookstores to shoe repair to ice cream shops:

New York City:

  1. Amy Ruth’s
  2. Bobo
  3. Books are Magic
  4. Dead Rabbit
  5. Di Fara Pizza
  6. Freeman’s
  7. Jim’s Shoe Repair
  8. Los Tacos No 1
  9. NY Dosas
  10. Nan Xiang Xia Long Bao
  11. Ruby’s 
  12. The Meatball Shop

San Francisco:

  1. Comstock Saloon
  2. Green Apple Books
  3. House of Prime Rib
  4. Liholiho Yacht Club
  5. Marufuku Ramen
  6. Oasis
  7. Shizen 
  8. Souvla 
  9. Suppenkuche
  10. The Beehive
  11. Zazie
  12. Zuni


  1. Bird Bird Biscuit
  2. Granny’s Tacos
  3. Home Slice Pizza
  4. la Barbecue 
  5. Lick Ice Cream
  6. Mozart’s
  7. Paramount Theater
  8. Peter Pan Mini Golf
  9. Spider House Ballroom 
  10. The Picnic
  11. Waterloo Records
  12. Wheatsville Food Co-op 

Let us know which room you plan to transform with your Yelp x Chasing Paper wallpaper at @Yelp on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

*The first 30 people who purchase the traditional small business wallpaper panels will be awarded a $500 gift card to help cover the cost of installation. Must be booked using Yelp’s Request a Quote feature. Recipients will be required to provide proof of one or more submitted Yelp Request a Quote(s) (screenshot or other image). Does not apply to purchases of samples of the limited-edition print. 

**Ten percent of proceeds from each wallpaper panel will be donated to the non-profit organization affiliated with the city represented. Hot Bread Kitchen and La Cocina are both long-time partners and beneficiaries of the Yelp Foundation. 

***All businesses featured had four stars or higher and agreed to be featured in the design and participate in the campaign.