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Yelp Knowledge offering expands to sales, market and risk intelligence

When we first introduced Yelp Knowledge in 2016, it served as a trusted medium for brands to better understand consumer sentiment at scale, and easily monitor and respond to reviews through Yelp’s partner platforms such as Sprinklr and Yext. Since launching, we’ve been focused on expanding this program to drive even greater value for licensees in the form of sales, market and risk intelligence.

Today, we’re pleased to share that Yelp Knowledge now supports a number of new use cases  to drive value for licensees that operate in the SMB market across a variety of industries, including insurance, point-of-sale, SaaS, financial services, CPG, social analytics, consulting and private equity.

Improving Efficiencies to Drive Business Results through Yelp Knowledge

With millions of annual updates to U.S. business listings, along with significant investments to help keep our data fresh and mitigate misinformation, Yelp is a trusted local data source for leading enterprises. Our team works with each licensee to provide real-time data through an API or JSON feed that can be seamlessly integrated into existing workstreams. By merging the Yelp data with their own unique datasets, licensees can strengthen their business, sales, and location intelligence to inform strategy and drive scale. 

As companies of all sizes adapt to the changing business landscape, having access to the latest data on market trends and consumer engagement can help yield greater outcomes by helping businesses understand where to focus their teams. 

As part of Yelp Knowledge, we’re thrilled to partner with one of the world’s largest food distributors, Sysco, a global leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food products, and Verisk, a leading global data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, energy, specialized markets, and financial services. 

Sysco leverages Yelp data as part of its robust sales operations. According to Elizabeth Ubell, Sysco’s Vice President of Strategy and Analytics, “Yelp’s data is accurate, consistent and structured in a way that integrates with our existing systems. Our partnership with Yelp helps us identify relevant information to inform our operations in a dynamic marketplace.” 

Similarly, to help insurers serve the changing marketplace, Verisk is leveraging its artificial intelligence and imagery analytics to generate insights from more than 224 million reviews on Yelp. Insurers can use these insights to inform discussions about coverage with potential customers, see how employees are mitigating risks, and make underwriting decisions with greater speed and precision.

“Finding current and robust information online to underwrite small commercial insurance can take significant time and effort,” said Tracey Waller, director of small commercial underwriting at Verisk. “By working directly with Yelp, Verisk is augmenting its high-quality and consistent analytics on millions of small businesses with information that is up-to-date, organized and easy to digest.”

We know how valuable, accurate information is for helping businesses thrive across various different sectors, and it’s exciting to see more businesses leverage the power of Yelp to generate insights that help them reach their goals.