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Yelp introduces Popular Drinks, a new way to make choosing beverages a breeze

Highlights some of the most uniquely popular cocktails in the U.S.

We know the story all too well — you’re keen to try that new bar or cafe you’ve never been to but you have no idea what drink to order. Whether you’re choosing from lattes, cocktails, bubble tea or beer, Yelp has you covered. Ahead of World Cocktail Day on May 13, today, we’re introducing a new Popular Drinks feature on Yelp business pages to help take the guesswork out of what drinks to order, as well as unveiling some of the most uniquely popular cocktails across the U.S.

Building on Yelp’s Popular Dishes feature, which has helped millions of people decide what to eat thanks to recommendations from our community of reviewers, Popular Drinks similarly features the most highly recommended beverages by other reviewers. Yelp users can now easily discover the most popular drinks at coffee shops, boba shops, bars, breweries, wineries and more, along with photos and reviews featuring these drinks. Popular Dishes or Popular Drinks are displayed based on there being enough review and photo content available on the business page to inform the carousel. If a business already qualifies for Popular Dishes this feature will remain on their business page, but for more drink-centric businesses like bars and cafes Popular Drinks will appear to showcase the must-try beverages on their menu. 

Popular Drinks will be featured on business pages in the U.S. and Canada across Yelp platforms on iOS, Android and desktop. Download the latest version of the Yelp app or browse online to discover popular drinks near you.

To celebrate the launch of Popular Drinks and World Cocktail Day on May 13, we’re also unveiling a list of the most uniquely popular cocktails across the U.S to help you decide what to imbibe. Since margaritas, mimosas, bloody marys and martinis tend to be the most popular common cocktails across the U.S., we took a deep dive into the data to identify some of the most uniquely popular across 30 cities in the U.S. Be sure to try a mango mojito next time you’re in Miami, Florida, or a mezcal mule in New York City. Check out the full list below!

Most Uniquely Popular Cocktails Across the U.S.

  • New York, NY: Mezcal Mule 
  • Los Angeles, CA: Vesper Martini
  • Miami, FL: Mango Mojito 
  • Dallas, TX: Martinez 
  • San Francisco, CA: Pisco Punch 
  • Chicago, IL: Brandy Alexander 
  • Houston, TX: Clover Club 
  • Washington, D.C.: Bramble 
  • San Diego, CA: Cadillac Margarita 
  • Atlanta, GA: Sparkling Rose Cocktail 
  • Phoenix, AZ: Paloma Spritz 
  • Las Vegas, NV: Watermelon Mai Tai 
  • Seattle, WA: CBD-infused Cocktail 
  • Boston, MA: Tequila Spritz 
  • Orlando, FL: CBD-infused Cocktail 
  • Riverside, CA: Cadillac Margarita 
  • Tampa, FL: Mary Pickford 
  • Austin, TX: El Diablo 
  • Philadelphia: Fish House Punch 
  • Denver, CO: Corpse Reviver 
  • San Antonio, TX: Martinez 
  • New Orleans, LA: Pimms Cup 
  • San Jose, CA: Mango Mojito 
  • Baltimore, MD: Rum Swizzle 
  • Portland, OR: Hemingway Daiquiri 
  • Sacramento, CA: French Connection 
  • Honolulu, HI: Coconut Mojito 
  • Jacksonville, FL: Mango Mojito 
  • Indianapolis, IN: Elderflower Cocktail 
  • Detroit, MI: Bourbon Negroni


Uniquely Popular Cocktails

To identify uniquely popular cocktails, the data science team first measured the distinctness of each cocktail among all the top cities, then assessed the mention volume of each cocktail in Yelp’s reviews in each city. By combining and ranking the two aspects, we reveal the unique cocktail preference in 30 U.S. cities.

Top Cities

The top 30 cities for cocktails are ranked by the number of business establishments providing cocktails and the breadth of the offerings. It is approximated by tallying the unique cocktails for each business extracted from the Yelp reviews within each metropolitan area.