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Yelp Celebrates Women’s History Month by Partnering with Rebecca Minkoff to Highlight Women-Owned Businesses on Yelp

Celebrate Women’s History Month this year by putting your money where your mouth is—and into the hands of the female entrepreneurs in your community.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Rebecca Minkoff, famous designer and creator of the Female Founder Collective, to launch a “Women-Owned Business” attribute on Yelp! This information will help you suss out where to patronize this month by showing that a business is women-owned on their Yelp business page. Check out the business pages of by CHLOE, Press Juicery, Drybar, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Baked by Melissa to see the new attribute live.

It’s more important than ever to celebrate and support the female entrepreneurs in our communities and across the country. While incredible strides are made every day, there’s always more to be done and we feel it’s critical for Yelp to be a part of this work. We’re excited to be bringing more useful information to consumers and partnering with women like Rebecca Minkoff who are creating and fostering real-world communities to elevate female entrepreneurs.

“In working with a major corporation like Yelp, we’re underlining our unified goal to close the economic divide. Our partnership aims to reach the most people – whether that be businesses self-categorizing as female led or consumers searching for female founded companies. Using Yelp to shine a spotlight on female founded businesses garners consistent support for them and stands at the core of this partnership,” Rebecca Minkoff, Founder of Female Founder Collective.

As we enter the fourth-wave of feminism, there are more initiatives than ever and a zealous public discourse encouraging women to pursue greater personal and financial independence. It’s clear that women feel empowered: 79% of American female entrepreneurs report feeling more empowered than they did five years ago and we’re excited to support the continued success of female business owners.

From finding your next female contractor, favorite lady chef or reliable woman mechanic, Yelp’s got you covered and it just got a whole lot easier for you to ensure women are thriving in your local economy.

To make sure you have access to information about women-owned businesses at launch, we’ve partnered with Rebecca Minkoff’s Female Founder Collective, to automatically list existing business members as “Women-Owned” on their respective Yelp pages. Female entrepreneurs interested in joining the Female Founder Collective and networking with other powerful females can apply here.

All female business owners can now login to their Yelp business owner dashboard to mark themselves as women-owned.

If you’re a woman-owned business and would like to receive a window decal to proudly display on your storefront, please fill out this form to receive one. Learn more here.