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Yelp Announces Verified Licenses, Bringing Peace of Mind to Booking a Professional

When you are about to invite a service provider into your home, you want to know as much as possible about that business. To help put your mind at ease, alongside the reviews and photos you already rely on, we’re introducing Yelp Verified Licenses for businesses in home and local services, medical, childcare, esthetics and other high-trust business categories.

Starting today you’ll begin to see Yelp Verified License badges, indicated by a blue shield with a check mark, on the business pages of service providers across the home and local services category, including contractors, plumbers, movers, and other, high-trust businesses like childcare and estheticians.

This Verified License badge appears next to the business name in search results and on the business’ page and, when viewing a participating business page, you’ll have the ability to click on the badge to view more information about their license.

In early experiments with contractors on Yelp, the Verified License badge helped both consumers and businesses. On average, having a Verified License badge on a business page increased consumer engagement—including clicks, calls, and map views—by 10 percent.

More importantly, having a Verified License badge helps level the playing field for businesses that are newer to the platform and may not yet have a large presence on Yelp. In early experiments, contractors with zero reviews saw growth in engagement on their pages after becoming Yelp Verified and displaying the Verified License badge.

“Having a Yelp Verified License badge on our business page assures customers that we’re a capable, trustworthy company. Since becoming Yelp Verified, we’ve seen a noticeable impact on the number of jobs we receive,” said Oleg Hryshyn of Gentlemen’s Moving Company. “During busy season, there are a number of uncertified movers promoting themselves as competitors and, with the help of the Yelp Verified License, consumers have peace of mind that they’re hiring movers that are properly licensed.”

To be eligible for a Yelp Verified License badge, a business must have a valid trade license to perform their advertised service within the state they serve. To become verified, a business must apply through Yelp, which manually verifies each license. The product is currently available for $1 a day to qualified businesses within specified categories in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, and Washington, and will continue to roll out to new states and categories over time.

If your business qualifies for a Yelp Verified License badge, log in to your Yelp business owner account to begin the verification process today.