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Yelp Announces the Most Haunted Cities in America

Beware! With the season of ghosts, goblins and trickery upon us, Yelp has unearthed the spookiest cities in America.

We determined the Most Haunted Cities in America by the percentage of reviews that contain words associated with haunted places, like “ghost,” “haunt,” and “creepy” – excluding businesses in the Haunted House category – and our users revealed the spookiest spots in the country. So grab your garlic, cross and book of spells, and buckle up for a bone-chilling All Hallows Eve. 

Cities like New Orleans, LA, Austin, TX, and Reno, NV have urned their place as top destinations for daredevil ghost hunters and die-hard trick-or-treaters alike. It’s no surprise that cities like Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, which were battlegrounds during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, made the top of the list. 

If you’re brave enough to embrace the spirit(s) of these cities, Yelp can give you some goosebump-inducing guidance. Whether you’re in the mood to kicks things off with cocktails in the French Quarter or experience a Spanish Moss adorned ghost tour though the streets of Savannah, these cities are filled with local haunts where the paranormal is normal.

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Most Haunted Cities in the US

  1. Savannah, GA 
  2. New Orleans, LA
  3. Fort Collins, CO
  4. Santa Cruz, CA
  5. Las Vegas, NV
  6. Austin, TX
  7. San Francisco, CA
  8. Memphis, TN
  9. Orlando, FL
  10. Los Angeles, CA
  11. Reno, NV
  12. Honolulu, HI
  13. Seattle, WA
  14. Portland, OR 
  15. Chicago, IL
  16. Charleston, SC
  17. Boston, MA
  18. San Jose, CA
  19. Madison, WI
  20. Sacramento, CA