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Yelp and Zillow rank the top U.S. metros for digital nomads just in time for National Moving Month

Today, Yelp announces a partnership with Zillow to name the Top U.S. Metros for Digital Nomads, using a new “Digital Nomad Index” to pinpoint cities that offer the best mix of available, affordable and flexible rental housing and community amenities sought after by those with newfound flexibility to explore the country as they work remotely.

Whether looking for a new place to experience for one month or six months, digital nomads may be exploring new cities with the intention of making a permanent move. With National Moving Month kicking off in a few days, we’re ranking the top U.S. destinations best suited for digital nomads.

These destinations boast a mix of outdoor adventure and city perks that are appealing to the many young professionals who have transitioned to the nomadic lifestyle due to their ability to work from anywhere. They’re great for digital nomads and offer a variety of highly-rated local businesses and activities these folks are looking for, like shared office spaces, furniture rental, hiking, RV repairs, paddle boarding and more.

Yelp’s recent Economic Average report found that the pandemic housing frenzy has continued through the first quarter of 2021, with consumer interest in real estate agents up more than 90% from a year ago in every state. Consumer interest for junk removal services more than doubled in every state as people prepared to move or declutter.

Whether moving  belongings into storage before setting out on an adventure, or making a permanent move to a new city or town, digital nomads can use one of the “Top 25 Movers in the U.S.”, according to Yelp data. 

Top 10 U.S Metros for Digital Nomads, According to Yelp and Zillow: 

  1. Jacksonville, Florida
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Boise, Idaho
  4. Nashville, Tennessee 
  5. Charleston, South Carolina 
  6. San Jose, California
  7. Fort Collins, Colorado 
  8. Asheville, North Carolina 
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. Salt Lake City, Utah 

The metros were scored on availability and relative affordability of rental units listed on Zillow that offer lease terms of less than one year, merged with Yelp data measuring consumer demand and the share of particularly curated business categories like vacation rentals, furniture assembly, auto and RV repairs, nightlife, and outdoorsy activities, among others. Yelp identified the places that were strongest in business categories associated with large relative growth during the pandemic, and Zillow page view data was incorporated to suggest demand for a particular metro.   

Full methodology for the list can be found in the press release. 

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