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Men vs. Women: What do Yelpers Search for on Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s Day or riding solo, you might have wondered what people search for on this emotionally-loaded holiday. Well we’ve got the answers, and they may surprise you….

We dug deep into Yelp’s data stores to find out what men and women search for around Valentine’s Day. We took a look at the difference between the percentage of U.S. searches that were for a category between Feb. 12-14 and the average for the equivalent periods two weeks before and after (Jan. 29-31, Feb. 26-28), for each year from 2015 to 2017. And we only counted searches conducted by a logged-in user who shared gender information with Yelp.

The highlights: Men are working extra hard at pulling out the red carpet. They’re looking for flowers, chocolates and that perfect fondue spot far more often than they usually do, with a Valentine’s bump much greater than what we saw among women. And women are trying to make their partners feel appreciated by searching for adult stores, comic books and gun ranges.

We also took a look at the cuisines you might most associate with romance when opting to make a reservation for a fancy night out by looking at the percentage of reviews of U.S. restaurants that contain words signalling romance. Fondue tops the list, proving that feeding your love messy, melted fare is the most romantic culinary gesture of them all. French, Moroccan, and Modern European cuisines also prove to be popular choices for romantics.

Take a look for yourself below, and find businesses near you that might be able to help you get the perfect gift for your Valentine this year (but you might want to hurry)….


Men’s Valentine’s Day Searches: Biggest Increases, Relative To Women’s

Shopping / Gifting Categories

  • Florists + 749 percentage points (ppt)
    • Read this as: Men’s searches for florists around Valentine’s Day experienced an increase over their usual level  that was 749 percentage points higher than the increase in  women’s searches for florists.
  • Chocolate + 299 ppt
  • Stationery +171 ppt
  • Candy + 110 ppt
  • Jewelry + 92 ppt
  • Gift Shops + 77 ppt
  • Perfume + 36 ppt
  • Lingerie + 34 ppt


Restaurant / Nightlife Categories




Women’s Valentine’s Day Searches: Biggest Increases, Relative To Men’s

Shopping / Gifting Categories




Most Romantic Cuisines

Ranked by percentage of reviews mentioning the word “romantic,” “romance” or “valentine”

  1. Fondue
  2. French
  3. Moroccan
  4. Modern European
  5. Tuscan
  6. Basque
  7. Argentine
  8. Spanish
  9. Steak
  10. Tapas

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