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Viber Integrates the Yelp Fusion API To Enable Local Business Discovery

Did you know that Yelp content powers many of the apps and services you use on a regular basis? Just ask Siri where to find a nearby coffee shop or search for directions to a gas station in your BMW and up pops Yelp!

Viber is a new partner putting Yelp content to work to transform their messaging app into an awesome local experience. Starting today, discover and share great local businesses with friends directly within the Viber app on iOS and Android. With hundreds of millions of users across the globe, Viber is helping us in our mission of connecting more people with great local businesses.

Viber’s integration of Yelp content into the new Chat Extension is an awesome example of the highly visual, engaging experience that can be created with the Yelp Fusion API. Search for anything in our Chat Extension and scroll through high quality photos and star ratings for top results. Send businesses to friends so they can check out its rating, proximity, photos and if it’s open now.

Want to use Yelp content in your app or service? Go to to get started.