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Yelp Acquires Wi-Fi Marketing Company Turnstyle Analytics

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired Turnstyle Analytics, a Wi-Fi marketing company that is pioneering the way local businesses use free guest Wi-Fi to stay connected with their customers. The addition of Turnstyle to the Yelp family expands our product offerings for local businesses to include simple, effective tools for customer retention and loyalty.

Free Wi-Fi offered by brick and mortar businesses has become an essential component of the customer experience. Studies show that providing free Wi-Fi increases foot traffic, the amount of time customers spend on your premises, and even the amount of money they spend. In fact, a survey highlighted on Small Biz Trends found that 62% of customers spend more time in places that provide free wifi and that 50% of those customers actually spend more money on services/products as a direct result of the extra time spend in the establishment.

Turnstyle’s core technology allows consumers to tap into free guest Wi-Fi while helping businesses re-engage those customers in the future in order to drive repeat visits and in-store sales. Businesses can build highly targeted customer contact lists and access powerful analytics tools that provide insight into visit frequency and duration. Combining this with Yelp’s search data will deliver a comprehensive intent-based marketing resource available for local businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

Welcome to the party, Turnstyle!