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Top dessert spots across the U.S. and Canada

Mention the word “dessert” after a meal and you’ll typically find at least one taker… Whether just perusing the menu or going all-in and ordering one of everything, there is no right or wrong way to do dessert. Many may argue that dessert should be a meal in itself! We took it upon ourselves to pull a list of the top dessert spots in each U.S. State and Canadian Province. From ice cream shops to bakeries, cupcakeries to donut shops, and even some mom and pop restaurants, this list has it all.  Read on to see the sweet spots that made the list near you.

Photos from: WooHoo! Ice Cream, Uncle Clay’s, Brooklyn Baking
Photos from TeeJays Sweet Tooth, I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe, Waffle
Photos from Wild Crumb, Humboldt Sweets, Uncle Dood’s Donuts
Photos from Spotted Duck, Nichole’s, Sea Star Gelato
Photos from Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, Macadon, Fillings & Emulsions
Photos from Passione Gelato, Tony’s Bistro & Pâtisserie, Kem CoBa

Top Desserts in Every U.S. State and Canadian Province According to Yelp Methodology: This is an all-time list of best dessert spots in every U.S. state according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the desserts, cupcakes, cake shop, bakery, donuts, ice cream and shaved snow categories, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews. All businesses were marked open on Yelp as of January 27, 2021. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score as of January 27, 2021.