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Top 10 US Yelp Restaurants of 2011!

Whoa, did 2011 go by quickly or was it just us? With a New Year comes many things, including those pesky resolutions: eat well, work out, manage stress, drink less. You know, the usual good-for-you type promises that last less than a week (or maybe that’s just us…). Well, what better way to get on top of “Eating Well” than by resolving to visit our top 10 list of most popular* US restaurants in 2011 according to yelpers!

You may remember our list from 2010 and while there are some familiar faces, there are also some upsets as well as new additions. Namely, the numero uno spot. East Coast may have reigned in 2010, but now it’s West Coast’s time to shine with — of all places — a pizza joint taking the crown!

Los Angeles’s Bottega Louie jumped two spots to take the title of the most popular restaurant in 2011 according to yelpers. With their mouth-watering and colorful assortment of macarons, selection of Italian favorites like their margherita pizza and yelpers’ all time favorite dish — portobello fries — no wonder Bottega Louie has over 3,519 reviews and counting!

Taste the rainbow! (Photo Credit: Smitcha B.)

The rest of the US Top 10 for 2011 boasts some strong contenders, as well, and we have a feeling that our resolution for “Eating Well” is one we’ll definitely be keeping for longer than a week:

  1. Bottega Louie, Los Angeles
  2. Bruxie, Orange County
  3. Ippudo NY, New York
  4. Wurstküche, Los Angeles
  5. Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco
  6. Daikokuya, Los Angeles
  7. Phil's BBQ, San Diego
  8. Ike's Place, San Francisco
  9. Griddle Cafe, Los Angeles
  10. Animal, Los Angeles

*How’d we do it? Rank was determined by how many people in the Yelp community have bookmarked the business in 2011, as well as combined with average star rating, total review count, and total check-ins.