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Standing against hate and supporting the Asian community

Yesterday’s horrific shootings in Atlanta are another brutal reminder that we all must take a stand against the senseless violence towards the Asian community. The rise of hate crimes towards Asian-Americans has skyrocketed over the last year, exacerbated by COVID-19, and there’s never been a more urgent call to come together and do the necessary work to repair centuries-long history of anti-Asian racism in the U.S. Here at Yelp, we are committed to supporting our Asian and Pacific Islander colleagues, rectifying the racial inequalities in our society, and firmly standing against all forms of racism and xenophobia.

We recognize that our employees in the Asian and Pacific Islander community here at Yelp need a space to talk to each other and we’ve organized ongoing virtual events for them to navigate their thoughts and emotions in a safe environment together. 

We are working on other ways to support and uplift the Asian community, both inside and outside of Yelp, and particularly Asian-owned businesses that are too often the target of hateful acts of violence. We will share details on these efforts in the coming weeks.