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Introducing: New Ask the Community Feature

Does this situation sound familiar? Your friends have decided to task you with choosing next week’s dinner spot but they’ve given you a laundry list of requirements to work with… One friend is bringing his two-year-old, the other is vegan, another is bringing their new puppy, and you just need to make sure there’s an easy place to park nearby.

While Yelp already has tons of data to help you research and accomplish such a task (over 115 million reviews to be exact), sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for and need to ask, “Hey, does anyone know the answer?”

Well, have no fear. Ask the Community is here!

With our new Ask the Community feature, Yelpers can post public questions for the rest of the community, both users and business owners, to answer. Maybe you want to find out if that delicious-looking menu item is actually vegan, or want to know if you can bring your cat to your hair appointment (we hope not).

We’ve already seen how members of the community are helping fellow Yelpers make decisions on where to go through this feature. Questions from practical (how much time you should plan to spend at Kennedy Space Center) to the unexpected (if a local animal hospital boards pigs… we’re dying to know).

Questions can have multiple answers, and answers can be upvoted or downvoted based on how helpful they are. Users can also choose to get notifications of answers to their questions, or the questions of others, so they never miss a response. This feature actually started out as a hackathon project and we’re excited to see it come to life so quickly! You can use Ask the Community anywhere throughout the U.S. on iPhone, Android, and desktop.

Time to get out there and start getting answers to life’s burning questions – like this one.