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New App Design: Now with Bigger and Better Photos!

At Yelp, we have a mild obsession with photos, and it’s pretty apparent that our users can’t get enough of them either. In fact, we’ve been seeing photo engagement on Yelp steadily increase over the years. Well Yelpers, you’ve been heard, and we’re doing even more to showcase beautiful images more prominently. We’ve redesigned our mobile business page to put photos front and center, making them even more accessible to users who want to get to photos faster.

Photos are really the star of the show in this redesign. Upon landing on a biz page, you can swipe through the most beautiful and helpful images on the page (thanks to our photo recognition technology), and quickly access different types of photos to more easily find what you’re looking for.

This update is rolling out to users on iOS and coming soon to Android!

Speaking of different types of photos, last year we trained a neural network to classify photos of food, drinks, menus, interiors, and exteriors of businesses to help people more easily find what they’re looking for. Since this was such a hit, we’ve taken this a step further by classifying over 20 different types of food, meaning you can skip scrolling through all those salad photos and take a closer look at that burger you’ve been craving all week – and that Yelp actually developed Silicon Valley’s hotdog-identifying app first 😉