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Introducing Collections: Handpicked Recommendations, Just for You

At Yelp, we’re always thinking about ways to deliver fresh, up-to-date content that helps connect you with great local businesses.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Collections to take the legwork out of finding great, new businesses by serving up personalized recommendations based on your activity on Yelp and amplifying top recommendations from across the Yelp community.

Available on the Yelp mobile apps and the web, Collections allow you to easily keep track of your favorite businesses and share recommendations with friends and the Yelp community.

Fresh, weekly recommendations tailored to you

With the help of machine learning, we’ve created a unique collection called “Recommended For You”, which provides fresh recommendations each week. The more you use Yelp, the better and more personalized these recommendations become!

Follow the Collections you love to stay up-to-date

In addition to these machine-generated recommendations, we’re also introducing collections created by Yelp to highlight great local businesses in various cities. Find a collection you love? Follow it to receive notifications when it gets updated.

Easy to browse and build

Creating your own collection is incredibly easy. Simply select the save icon and choose to add the business to an existing collection or create a new one. Similarly, you can create a collection from scratch by selecting “Create New” in the Collections tab on mobile or web. Once you’ve created a collection, you can add notes and descriptions to give more color and context to the collection!

Collections are a new way to find the best businesses around you, hand-picked by real people. Download the latest versions of Yelp on iOS and Android or visit your profile on to begin creating, following, and sharing collections on Yelp!