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How Many Views Do Your Reviews Get? Find Out Now!

For years Yelpers have been taking the time to share local insight knowing their reviews and photos help others find the best businesses out there. Compliments let you know when someone finds your review especially useful, funny, or cool, but that’s just a fraction of the people your reviews are reaching. Now users in all Yelp countries can see just how many people are benefiting from their contributions on Yelp with the addition of total views for the last 90 days of their reviews, photos, and profile. These stats are visible only to the user and can be seen on Yelp desktop and mobile. Views are compiled from activity across all platforms.

Nique F Personal Stats Image

Nique F., Yelp’s associate regional marketing director, has some impressive view counts!

We know it’s a commitment to be a Yelper, and we’re continually grateful for the time and effort our community puts into sharing their wisdom. It’s fun to share your opinions, but it’s even more fulfilling to know that thousands of people are led to the best ham sandwich they’ve ever tasted, or the small bridal shop where they purchased the perfect wedding gown, or have avoided some wonky dental work, all thanks to the experiences you and your fellow Yelpers shared.

For new and returning 2016 Elites, we hope you especially enjoy watching your views tick up as you continue sharing your local adventures on Yelp. Here’s to a great new year!