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Hi Bixby: Samsung Helps You Dine Through Yelp Reservations

Ever dreamed of having a personal assistant who manages your restaurant reservations for business meetings, family dinners or date nights? With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, your once far flung daydream is within reach!

Samsung recently announced the integration of Yelp Reservations into its intelligent assistant, Bixby. This is the first time consumers can book with Yelp Reservations using voice capabilities.

As demand for convenience and seamless experiences meets the omnipresence of voice assistants, Yelp partners are pushing the envelope of what is possible by diligently crafting first of a kind experiences for voice using Yelp’s rich, local reviews and business data.

Yelp is inherently designed for on-the-go mobile users, which aligns well with the ease and accessibility goals of most virtual assistants. With more than 160 million reviews, Yelp’s data is well-suited for personalization through machine learning, making the transition to voice platforms even smoother.

As Yelp continues to focus on connecting people with great local businesses, the integration of Yelp Reservations with Bixby is another great way of bringing convenience into our busy lives.

Check out Bixby and Yelp Reservations in action: