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Hello and Kon’nichiwa Twitterverse! Yelp Geotags land in UK and Japan

Twitter users in the UK and Japan can now simply tap the location icon to add Yelp geotags to Tweets. Tweets will now have more context with location names, Yelp ratings and business details and an easy way to see other Tweets and photos tagged with the same location.

So whether you are having a breakfast naan at Yelp’s recently crowned #1 restaurant in the UK, Dishoom in London, or taking in the sights at one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions, Shibuya Crossing, Twitter users can now tap the location icon to tag Tweets with local business information powered by Yelp.  

Here is a Yelp geotagged Tweet:

Untitled presentation


Yelp geotags also benefit business owners as they are now able to tag their business in tweets and extend their potential customer reach through their Twitter channel.

This new Yelpified Twitter experience recently launched in Germany and is now available in the UK and Japan for users on iOS and Android and will soon be available to Twitter users in these markets on the web.

See you on Yelp… and Twitter!