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Freaky & Fabulous Fall: Yelp Data (Pumpkin) Spices Up Your Life Before The Holidays

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air: Fall is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanks to Yelp’s devoted data science team, we’re sharing where to enjoy fun fall festivities and flavorful treats this autumn. We worked with Insider, Mic, Delish, Southern Living and others to feature great local businesses across America.

But First, Coffee.

If you’re like us, you need a cup o’ joe before getting to work. Well add some of these top coffee shops to your fall bucket list. Mic’s list of best coffee shops in all 50 states highlights Yelpers’ favorite places in the U.S. to warm up and beat the fall weather. With fan favorites like Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis, hidden gems like Bryce Canyon Coffee in UT, and interesting combos like Java Burrito in South Carolina, this list will have you craving more caffeine than usual. The possibilities are endless.

Apple of My Eye

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! To ward off the illnesses that may surprise you this fall, look no further than Delish’s round-up of the 50 best apple picking spots across the country. Yelpers love to explore the massive orchards of Willowbrook Apple Farm in Oak Glen, CA and go to tastebud heaven at Carter Mountain Orchard with their assortment of delicious treats: apple crisp, apple cider donuts and cider slushies. Yum! This list will have you packing your bags and heading for the hills.

The South’s Top Local Haunts

As Southern Living shared, “in a region where history and tradition reign, there’s bound to be some skeletons in the closet.” Well, Yelp data found that, in fact, the South had some ghosts to hide in cities like New Orleans, Savannah and San Antonio. Book a night in a real-life haunted mansion at The Marshall House or reserve your spot to meet Texas’s ghastly ghosts with Sisters Grimm Candlelight Ghost Tours. You’ll be sure to be spooked one way or another just in time for Halloween.

Thrifty & Nifty

Need a new fall wardrobe? You might just find what you’re looking for off the rack. Shopping at thrift stores this fall can be a great way to update your closet without breaking the bank right before the holidays. Insider promises to help you find a steal with a list of thrift stores in every state based on Yelp data. Shops like AuH2O in NYC or Fia’s Fabulous Finds in DC are perfect places to find the coat, hat, or scarf of yours dreams before the first snow falls.

Connecting people with great local businesses is our pumpkin bread and butter here at Yelp, so if you want to see more stories like these, go ahead and follow our blog. Yelp’s data team has a plethora of additional stories highlighting great businesses worth visiting on your holiday road trips. And if you’re a reporter looking to work with Yelp data for your next story, give us a hoot and holler over at