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Find Gender-neutral Restrooms at 160,000+ Businesses on Yelp

Since launching our new gender-neutral restrooms attribute on Yelp in March, the feature has really taken off. There are now more than 160,000 businesses on Yelp that are marked as having gender-neutral restrooms. That’s one of the largest databases available for this information!

A breakdown of the categories of business that have been marked as having gender-neutral restrooms shows restaurants, beauty services, and health businesses leading the way.

We’re also excited to announce that developers can access this information and integrate it into the apps and services they are building because we just added the gender-neutral restrooms attribute as one of the data points available through Yelp’s API. See the full range of data available at We hope this helps the broader community benefit from the information Yelp users and business owners have helped us to collect through as many channels as possible.

When you’re using the Yelp app, make sure to check in and answer a few questions about the business, like if they have gender-neutral restrooms or bicycle parking, to help us make Yelp as useful and awesome as possible for everyone.