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New Embed Feature Makes Sharing Yelp Reviews a Breeze (Like Those of Our Favorite National Parks)

Great news! To make it easier to share your favorite useful, funny, and cool Yelp reviews, we’ve launched a new Embed Review feature, allowing users, media and business owners to easily embed their favorite reviews straight from Yelp onto their website or in blog posts and articles. The best part is the business’s rating and review count stays up to date, so your embedded review will reflect the current Yelp page and make it easy to click over for more information. Just hover over a review, click Embed Review, and copy and paste the code onto your site.

[full_image img=”” caption=”Click Embed Review to see a pop up with a preview of what the embedded review will look like on your site and the code to copy and paste.” caption_type=”side”]

To show this new feature off and help celebrate the National Park Service’s 100 year anniversary and National Park and Recreation Month, we’ve compiled a few Yelp reviews of national parks that are sure to give you a chuckle and make you want to get outside. Want more? Every park in the U.S. National Parks system is listed on Yelp, so there’s plenty more prose to go around.

So with this new sharing feature and a little help from our devoted Yelpers, we give you some quality outdoor appreciation in Yelp review form.
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