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Did Someone Ask for Menus with Their Yelp Reviews?

We always have exciting things going on at Yelp: from Hackathons to iPhone updates and Yelp Deals, our team is hard at work to bring you the best experience possible when looking for great businesses in your hood.

While we regularly crank on updates and improvements, many behind the scenes, we’re always stoked when we’re able to bring users and business owners features that they’ve specifically asked for — and today is no exception: the ability to add menu URLs to Yelp business pages!



The “Menu” option will be located directly under the business’s website URL on their Yelp listing. How’d the menu get there? Magic! Well, no, not really. We’ve actually created an algorithm to crawl restaurant websites to automatically identify menu URLs (ie: Today you’ll see the “Menu” option in major cities including New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago, but don’t fret, we’ll be adding even more cities in the coming weeks!

Want to lend a hand? You’re a yelper, so of course you do! Users can add links to menus when they edit business information, or business owners can add them through their Yelp for Business Owners page. It’s important to note that all URLs — whether added by users, business owners or automatically — are vetted by our user ops team before they appear on the site (need to make sure no tom foolery involving McDonald’s menus and Gary Danko is going on).

While Menu links will just appear on the site for now, keep an eye out for them on our mobile apps in future updates — as well as for other tricks and tips from Team Yelp!