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Check out Yelp on Apple’s new maps app for iOS 6!

Apple’s media event last week, they officially announced the new iPhone
5 and iOS 6 and gave the audience a sneak peak into Yelp content
integrated into their new maps app. Today, users can upgrade to iOS 6
and check out the awesome new features for themselves!


(Photo credit: Engadget)

Yelp’s integration with Apple maps is now available on iOS 6 on all iPads and iPhones – from the new iPhone 5 back to the iPhone 3GS – and in 17 of the countries where Yelp has a presence.

Apple maps users
will be able to access snippets of Yelp reviews and photos, all directly
in the map experience. With this integration, users will be able to add
photos and Tips to a Yelp listing, call and map directions to a
business’s front door and check-in to a business directly from Apple
maps. Users can also easily link to the Yelp app directly if they’re
looking for additional information.

excited to continue to work with Apple to provide users with a more
streamlined experience, especially as increasingly more people turn to
mobile devices to discover great local businesses.

What are you waiting for? Go upgrade now!