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Best Taco Spot in Every State

Tacos may appear to be simple, however any true taco lover knows that so much goes into the preparation of this delicious handheld meal. Whether you’re a hard shell or soft shell lover, we have the perfect list to give you the knowledge needed to live your best taco life.

To celebrate National Taco Day on October 4th, we dug into our Yelp data to find the best tacos in every state. How did we do it? We looked at our reviews to identify businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning “taco,” then ranked those businesses using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “taco.” 

All businesses on this list were marked as open as of September 21, 2020.

StateBusiness NameBusiness pageCity
AKDeckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos
ALDos Hermanos Taco Truck
ARDoomsday Coffee & Roasterie
AZCocina Madrigal
CARoundhouse Deli
COXicamiti La Taquería Bistroía-bistro-goldenGolden
CTTacos El Azteca
DC PhoWheels
DEEl Pique
FLLos Bocados
GATacos Del Chavo
HIShaka Tacoz Cook
IALa Regia Taqueria City
IDMorenita’s Mexican Restaurant & Bakery Falls
ILEdgewater Tacos
KSDon Antonio’s Carnicería Y Taqueriaía-y-taqueria-kansas-cityKansas City
KYTaco Choza
LACatty Shack Orleans
MATaco Trio Portland
MDTaqueria Los Primos Truck 1
METhe HighRoller Lobster
MIChino Loco Taqueria
MNCatrinas Cerveza & Mexican Grill – Oakdale
MOScott’s Kitchen City
MSThe Pig & Pint
MTMas Taco Lodge
NCGym Tacos
NDTaqueria El Guerro
NETaqueria Tijuana
NHCalifornia Burritos
NJMi Mariachi Taqueria City
NMEl Chile Toreado Fe
NVBajamar Seafood & Tacos – Las Vegas Blvd Vegas
NYThe Alcove
OHGuerra’s Krazy Taco
OKTaqueria Sanchez City
ORThe Spicy Spoon
PALas Palmas
RIMonahan’s Clam Shack
SC167 Raw
SDEl Columpio
TNMaciel’s Tortas and Tacos
TXGranny’s Tacos
UTTacos La Pasadita River
VATacos El Chilango Food Truck
VTTaco Gordo
WATaqueria Pollo Asado
WIMazorca Tacos
WVMaria’s Taqueria
WYThe Coop