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An Open Letter To My Yelp Friend

Dear Yelp Friend (Whom I May Never Meet IRL),

Your reviews are really great. I’d love to keep in touch on Yelp. 

We met at a Virtual Yelp Event hosted by a city in which neither of us have ever traveled. And now we talk almost daily. Where have you been all of my Yelp life? That’s rhetorical, because of course I know the answer. You’ve been on the other side of the country, which might as well be the other side of the world. If it weren’t for that fated event, it’s possible to believe that we never would have met. Which means I would never have scored your grandmother’s recipe for the most insanely delicious macaroni and cheese. It also means I probably wouldn’t have a Collection saved with 17 businesses I hope to someday visit in your city. 

What I’m saying is, your reviews are really great. I love discovering your world through them. It’s been exactly 8 months, 2 weeks, and 36 hours since I have left my metro. But now, thanks to you, I get to take a mini vacay every day! You share the coolest places. Your words always make me laugh, and those photos INSPIRE me. No really, I’ve purchased a light for my phone and everything. I can see why you’re a gold badge Elite. You really have earned that.

A look back at one of the first virtual *cheers* shared during Tampa Bay’s Elite Event: Tampa Bakes Empanadas.

Virtual Events on Yelp began as early as April. 


Virtual Events let us hang out regularly. Thanks for keeping me updated on the latest RSVP opportunities. You know me better than my own Netflix queue recommendations! Together we have fearlessly mastered 3 levels of bread baking classes, and have crafted floral arrangements that would make Martha Stewart drool. Heck! We even went to a (tragic) 80’s Prom together! Don’t tell my mom this… but I think I do more with you than I do with her.

RSVP for virtual events across North America here

I love keeping in touch on Yelp. Thank you for being my Yelp friend, even if we may never meet in real life.