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9 Yelp iPhone App Tips for Experts


So, you’ve downloaded the Yelp app and you think you’ve got this whole thing down. Bookmarks? Got loads of ‘em. Reservations? Done and done. Well, don’t let the easy facade of the check-in button fool you — there’s plenty more to explore. Here are our nine tips to become a Yelp app expert.

1. Hot and New Businesses
Show your pals you’re ahead of the crowd

There’s nothing like discovering, sharing, and showboating the freshest new openings in town. Our Hot & New businesses feature shows you what’s new and what’s being raved about.


2. Talk
A place to ask all your questions & find some answers

Got a burning question to ask local folks? Want to crowd-source ideas? Just up for some banter? We’ve got a place for that — the Talk threads! Hit the “More” option and hit up Talk with your conversation skills.



3. Top Check-Ins
Get on the leaderboard

Whether you want to see if you made it to the leaderboard, where your peeps are at, or a reminder of where you’ve been (to review, obvs), you can check the all the stats on Check-Ins. Did you make it into Check-In Royalty?


4. Compliments
Share the love 

Seen a photo that’s made you drool? Read a review that gave you the lowdown on the best dish in that restaurant? Maybe you’re just a fan of someone’s writing style. Well, you can show your appreciation by sending a compliment — it’s the perfect way of recognising another Yelper’s helpfulness.


5. Check-Ins Maps
See everywhere you’ve been with Yelp

Got bags of check-ins? Been all over the world? Want to see where you’ve been? You might be excited to know that you can see a world-wide (or neighbourhood) map of all your check-ins. Zoom in, zoom out, and bask in all that patronage.


6. Read The Local Yelp
Find out what’s hot near you each week

Keeping up with emails can be a struggle. If you missed the Local Yelp hitting your inbox, you can always hit up the app and read on the go. Finding out about the coolest local spots and happening events was never so easy. Bonus: Easily bookmark all the places that catch your eye.


7. Add A business
Is Yelp missing a business? Just add it! 

Found a business not on Yelp? It’s your chance to snag that “First to Review” badge! Tap “Add a Business”, add in the details, and you can check in and add photos right away. Kudos to you for helping locals discover somewhere new!


8. Share A Business
Sharing is caring (and helpful!) 

Are you the go-to person in your group of friends who always dishes out restaurant recommendations? Send your friends the Yelp link so they have the address, phone number, photos, and all those amazing reviews to read too — just hit the three little dots in the top right corner and then click “Share Business”.  


9. Monocle
It’s like being in the future!

If you struggle with a sense of direction, or just love a bit of virtual reality, check out Monocle. Hold the phone in front of your face and twirl a 360 with business listings right before your eyes. Pro tip: we don’t recommend walking with the phone held up simultaneously, because danger.


Know a newbie who’s just started on Yelp? We’ve got a blog post just for them.