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Yelpers Save $1 Million with Yelp Cash Back

Yelp has always been the place to find great local businesses, but did you know you can also get cash back when you dine out at your favorite restaurants and coffee shops? Dreams really do come true, thanks to our Yelp Cash Back program that automatically saves you money when you shop at participating businesses.

Since the program started in December 2016, it has paid out $1 million in earned cash back to Yelp users who have linked their credit or debit cards with Yelp Cash Back. Want to eat at your favorite pizza place? You can get cash back for that. What about that place around the corner from work you’ve always wanted to try? They might give cash back too. It’s simple, free, and takes less than a minute to link your card. Just pay with any of your linked cards to get up to 10% cash back directly credited back to you.

There are thousands of great businesses participating in the Yelp Cash Back program in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago and more. Just search for “Cash Back” on Yelp to find participating businesses near you. We’ve also built a shiny new Cash Back Dashboard to track all your cash back earnings in one place – just click the Yelp Cash Back menu item in the more section of your Yelp app.

Join hundreds of thousands of Yelp Cash Back users at and start earning cash back today.

For businesses interested in offering Yelp Cash Back, email us at to enroll.

Feature photo by InvestmentZen