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Yelp’s Virtual Pride Bazaar

For the past few years, we’ve hosted a Pride Bazaar at Yelp HQ and invited local LGBTQ+ owned businesses to showcase and sell their specialities. Our San Francisco employee community loved coming together for an evening of shopping, mingling and dancing with drag queens and drag kings.

This year we’re taking our Pride Bazaar not only virtual, but also nationwide! Community managers across North America created Yelp Collections featuring LGBTQ+ owned businesses and we’ve curated a list of 20 awesome out and proud businesses that ship their wares across the continent: Yelp’s Virtual Pride Bazar.

Bindle & Keep, Bespoke Clothing (New York, NY)

“Suits For Every Body” is their motto. Whether you need a suit for a special occasion or just like getting all dressed up, the folks at Bindle & Keep have the right outfit for you. Check out their photo gallery for the range of styles and bodies they cater to.

Branching Out Wood, Home Decor (South San Francisco, CA)

Ever wanted to learn how to swear, or at least come close, in the languages of the world? David’s set of R-rated wooden coasters will tell your guests to “use the f@%$#^! coaster” – but with appropriate profanity in languages ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese.

Cereal Killer Sweets, Desserts (San Antonio, TX)

Satisfy your craving for sweets with treats like: “Bury Me Alive”, “The Frooty Tooty”, “Talk Freaky To Me!” or “Risk It For The Biscuit”. The only downside of ordering these days is that they sell out ridiculously fast. Better mark your calendar for when they go live with their next sale!

Coven, Spiritual Shop (Cleveland, OH)

From tarot to crystals to potions, this group of knowledgeable witches are here to help you along your journey of self-discovery. Coven is a safe space where you can learn to connect with your intuition, find healing, start self care, and ask questions. Manifest your own magic with their Abracadabra sparkling salt soak!

Duross & Langel, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply (Philadelphia, PA)

Since washing our hands has become a frequent activity, soap seems like a worthy splurge. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that all of the products at Duross & Langel are made with the motto “green and clean” in mind. Their bottles are made with post-consumer-recycled plastic and bars of soap are wrapped in fast-composting paper sacks.

Foursided, Gift Shops (Chicago, IL)

The team at Foursided strive to cultivate communities that enjoy art: whether it’s framing a showcase work, a handcrafted card or vintage gift. We love their Golden Girls Prayer Candles: Are you a Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sophia?

Glow Medispa, Skin Care (Seattle, WA)

Glow Medispa offers virtual skin consultations from the comfort of your home. And while you’re at it, Dr. Kate Dee’s team can also give tips on more hairy issues: whether you’ve got too many of them or too few!

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates, Chocolatiers (Rochester, NY)

Jennifer, the master chocolatier says: “As Hedonists we want to indulge all the senses. What better medium to do that then create hand-crafted, exquisite chocolates that taste superior.” And for those hedonists following a plant-based diet or abstaining from dairy, there’s also a line of vegan and dairy-free chocolates available.

Hudson Paperie, Cards & Stationery (Hoboken, NJ)

Hudson Paperie describe themselves as “a fierce group of women who are in love with details and obsessed with design. We’re brave, we’re bold, and we’re not afraid to stray from the norm.” Why not let these fierce women custom-design your wedding invitations?

Inner Makeup, Astrologers & Psychics (New Orleans, LA)

Are you looking for unique, divine, inspired guidance? Dan, the “Oracle in New Orleans”, offers an inspired uplifting approach to address life’s pressing issues. You can also sign up for a special birthday session to look ahead of what might be in store for you in the coming year.

Lunaria, Comic Books (Albuquerque, NM)

The superhero book “Lunaria” is a comic book for all ages that features a female lead and a diverse cast. And as you follow Lunaria on her adventures, your money will also support Casa Q, a local non-profit serving LGBTQ+ homeless youth in Albuquerque, NM. 

Odd Otter Brewing, Breweries (Seattle, WA)

Made pasta from scratch? Check. Baked a loaf of sourdough bread? Check. Brewed your own beer at home? Wait, what? The Odd Otter team, composed of active duty, former military members and members of the LGBTQ+ community, has put together a kit for you to brew your own double IPA called: “Did Carole Do It?

OKcollective Candle Co, Candle Stores (Oklahoma City, OK)

OKcollective Candle Co. is a thoughtfully curated women-owned and operated brand of handmade soy candles that are eco-friendly, super fragrant, clean-burning, and full of personality. Take a look at their gift boxes, which include nice-smelling soaps and scented candles!

Olive This Olive That, Specialty Shops (San Francisco, CA)

Think of olive oil as a fresh fruit. Once it’s off the tree it begins to degrade so don’t keep yours hanging around too long. This San Francisco store has recently launched their own olive oil brand called PRMRY. Their colorful product gives a nod to the (San Francisco) LGBTQ+ community, a nod to California, and a nod to eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables for good health.

Otherwild, Fashion & Accessories (Los Angeles, CA)

Otherwild offers a curated selection of goods from jewelers, ceramicists, perfumers, artists, chefs, designers, herbalists, quilters, fabricators, musicians, witches, picklers, woodworkers, curators, weavers, photographers, dancers and publishers. We love their “female support system”, a lady made from steel that holds things for you.

St. Vrain Cidery, Cideries (Denver, CO)

St. Vrain Cidery began with three friends having a conversation about a love for cider and the lack of places to find it in their community. For the mixology enthusiasts, they offer some great cocktail recipes incorporating various ciders. 

The Capital Candy Jar, Candy Stores (Washington, D.C.)

Dave, the owner of this shop, made his first “fortune” selling homemade lollipops to his classmates…until the principal shut his business down because he was taking too much revenue away from the vending machines. Luckily, he persisted and his small-batch candies are now available not only via shops all over the DC metro area, but also online for everyone in the nation!

Third Culture Bakery, Bakeries (Aurora, Co)

After falling in love, Sam and Wenter started a bakery journey together, offering pastries reflective of their childhood in Indonesia and Taiwan. If you haven’t had one of their colorful and uber-instagrammable muffins (inspired by an Indonesian dessert Sam’s mom used to make) they now ship them nationwide!

Tiny Little Monster, Customized Merchandise (Saint Louis, MO)

Tiny specializes in Custom t shirts + printed apparel for orders both the tiny and the monstrous! They’re heavily focused on printing shirts for the local community, but they ship nationwide. You can design your t-shirt now.

Wildfang, Women’s Clothing (Portland, OR)

Here’s what the founders of Wildfang say about themselves: “In 2013, we set out to create a home for badass womxn everywhere. It started with the radical belief that a womxn has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants.” If you want to try out their clothes, why don’t you rent them first?