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Yelp’s Test Kitchen

In 2020, many of us have been re-acquainted with our kitchens, so we decided to offer our employees a series of virtual food and drink events: 

Baking Bread with Hot Bread Kitchen: Bread baking has been one of the trends this year and so the Yelp team grabbed their rolling pins and aprons to bake some flaky flatbread from North Africa called M’smen! Hot Bread Kitchen, a Yelp Foundation grantee that serves as a nonprofit to create economic opportunity through careers in food, taught our bread baking class. 

Fermentation Station: Making your own Sauerkraut: During a virtual workshop, Yelp’s very own Anthony Kanaley along with our co-workers learned how to make a simple sauerkraut with Kraut Source owner, Karen Diggs. Kraut Source is a kitchen gadget for making fermented foods like sauerkraut, natural pickles, and kimchi in a wide-mouth mason jar. Karen answered our employees’ most pressing fermentation questions and taught us all about the health benefits of eating sauerkraut.

“What’s the T?” with Tara Lewis and Kevin Lee: It doesn’t have to be 5 o’clock to sip on delicious mocktails! Our employees learned how to make mocktails with Yelp’s Trend Expert Tara Lewis and Kevin Lee, director of People Operations and amateur mixologist.