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Yelp’s First Ever Spirit Week

In mid-August we celebrated our first Yelp Spirit Week, a week-long celebration of theme days with prizes and virtual offsites designed to bring us together and hype our Yelp Spirit! 

The lineup for virtual offsites included a graffiti workshop, a DIY Bath Bomb tutorial with Green Iguana Bath & Body, and our very own private concert via Sofar Sounds. We also want to give a shout out to Positive Adventures and Kabloom, two companies who helped us put together our dynamic list of virtual events for employees to attend.

As for our daily show-and-tell theme, take a look at this:

Pet or Plant Parade: On Monday, we held a Pet or Plant Parade. What’s that you ask? We’ve heard from many of our friends and coworkers that tending to something living has made a positive impact on their pandemic outlook. The Pet or Plant Parade was the perfect opportunity for our colleagues to show us the fruits of their labors. Cute pet alarm!

Homemade Lunch: From the meticulous meal prepper to the cereal bowl slurper — we see you, and we don’t judge you. On the second day of Yelp Spirit Week, our colleagues showed us what they were having for lunch. Click here, at your own risk, as you may get hungry after seeing these delicious meals!

Favorite Media: We asked Yelpers to send us the title and a tweet-size recommendation for their favorite book, podcast, or other media. Among the many recommendations was Married at First Sight: “Have you ever just wanted to chill in a garbage can without actually having to physically touch trash? Well, now you can! Just queue up an episode of Married at First Sight, and you might find yourself unfortunately falling in love with strangers, potentially falling in love.” 

Favorite Mug: Anecdotal evidence suggests that caffeine consumption peaks on Thursdays, which is why it’s only fitting that we asked Yelpers to share their favorite mugs on that day.

Fancy Friday: As you can imagine, over the past 18 months pajama sales have been skyrocketing. Meanwhile our usual work clothes have attracted the attention of the common moth! Instead of investing in mothballs, we took this opportunity to celebrate the last day of Yelp Spirit Week by dressing up for Fancy Friday. Click here to see the runway!

Here’s a few comments we received from Yelpers after Spirit Week:

The most fun I’ve ever had over Zoom at work!”

It’s hard to stay connected in a remote world. Yelp Spirit week helped with us all feeling connected and showing our Yelp Spirit internally.” 

Loved how even though we were apart, Yelp helped us come together!”

As a Yelp new hire, I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know people around the company a little more via their pets, mugs, outfits, etc.!”