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Yelp and StartOut Serve Alphabet Soup

Earlier this week, Yelp’s LGBT resource group — OutBurst — kicked off this year’s Pride celebrations with an Alphabet Mixer at Yelp HQ. What’s an Alphabet Mixer? It’s our way of bringing together our LGBTQ+ community. The mixer centered around a simple idea: come with someone who doesn’t share your letter —  if you’re an L, bring a B. If you’re a T, bring a G. We co-organized this event with, a non-profit organization that helps aspiring LGBT entrepreneurs start new companies or expand their current businesses.

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The mixer sold out weeks in advance and, on the day of the event, over 200 people from all letters of the queer alphabet flocked to Yelp HQ to mingle and stew with each other. Wine, beer, and other non-alcoholic drinks fueled the conversation, and everyone had a fabulous time — indicated by the elevated noise level and frequent peals of laughter!

This Sunday, OutBurst members and allies from the two San Francisco offices will march in Pride. Watch out for their fun activities by following @YelpCarreers or looking for #YelpPride2016 and #FiveStarCareer.

With Pride,


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