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Yelp Groups Support Project Eñye

Yelp’s DiverseBurst & ColorCoded Employee Resource Groups hosted an evening of learning with an exclusive screening of the inspirational documentary “being ñ.” The event offered the unique opportunity to meet the filmmakers, Denise Soler-Cox and Henry Ansbacher who led a thought-provoking Q&A after the film.

Project ñ ( is a multimedia documentary project focused on creating new conversations that reinvent the way we view culture and interpret diversity in our lives. Through film, workshops and live community engagements, Project ñ bridges the gap between culture and place and facilitates Radical Cultural Self-Awareness, a present-moment introspection of culture, identity and self.

Soler-Cox, who was born to Puerto Rican parents and was raised in New York, used the term enye, for the Spanish letter ñ. She describes an enye as a first-generation Latino who was born or grew up in the United States with at least one parent from a Spanish-speaking country. It’s represents a person who feels he or she doesn’t wholly belong to one culture, but rather a combination of the two.

“Hearing about Denise’s experience finding her identity was really inspiring. It got me to think about my own identity as an American of many ethnic backgrounds. It was incredibly relatable, poignant and moving.” – Bryana Curtis, DiverseBurst SF Chapter Co-Lead

Check out the Project Eñye trailer:

All photos courtesy of Project Eñye.