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Welcome To The Yelp Internship Program

We created the Yelp Intern Program back in 2008 when we hired our first engineering intern. We now host roughly 150 interns each year and take a lot of pride in the program, which consists of three 3-month terms. When a new intern class starts, they have a significant impact on our engineering team of about 400 people. Their work makes a substantial mark on Yelp and contributes to the company’s success. Interns come from all backgrounds and work as either software developer, product manager, or design interns.

Before our interns arrive at HQ, we assign a mentor to each one. The mentor creates a project for the intern to complete during their term and plays a huge part in developing the intern’s skills. Our interns function as full-time employees as soon as the internship term begins, which allows them to work on day-to-day tasks as well as their intern projects. After 12 weeks of working with their mentors, and plenty of teams besides their own, the interns present their projects to the entire engineering organization. Past intern projects have had a huge impact on not only Yelp as an app and website, but also the technologies that we use. Our ‘Pokestop Nearby’ feature, for example, originated from an intern project.

As much as we like our interns to learn inside Yelp, we also really want them to get out of the office and see the city. This starts with our interns living in SF. We host weekly events to make sure we give them lots to Instagram, like Giants Games, Taco Tuesdays, and Escape Rooms. We also throw in a few tech talks here and there — so we go out a lot. This gives our interns a realistic idea of what it’s like to live in the city year-round, so we’re all about authentic San Francisco experiences. We take our intern program very seriously at Yelp, and it’s contributed to the awesome culture and teamwork that we are proud of and will continue to focus on.

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