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Welcome New YERGs: YelpAbility & Mental Health + Neurodiversity

Some dimensions of diversity that aren’t talked about as often include visible and invisible disabilities, neurodiversity, and mental health. With the help of strong employee leaders, we recently introduced two new Yelp employee resource groups (YERGs): YelpAbility and Mental Health + Neurodiversity.

Yelp Ability aims to raise awareness of disabilities, and invites everyone to participate in making Yelp accessible and more inclusive. The Mental Health + Neurodiversity group works to create a more inclusive working environment for neurodiverse individuals and individuals with mental health conditions.

Both groups had inaugural events discussing personal experiences relating to support and resources in the workplace and the importance of inclusion and accessibility to help celebrate the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We hope these groups will continue to grow and further emphasize our commitment to creating a home for everyone to belong.