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Virtual Workouts for Yelp Employees

For many of us, working from home this year meant that we were moving less. To get our bodies moving again we organized various virtual workouts for our employees:

Pilates Extravaganza with Teresa Ellis from Pilates Barre + Jams: Teresa Ellis is the owner of Pilates Barre and Jams, a Queer/Black-owned pilates studio centering the BIPOC, Queer, Fat identifying, Trans, and sex worker communities. Teresa gave us a taste of one of her workouts. 

Mindful Yoga with Michelle Heller from Heller Good Yoga: Michelle Heller of Heller Good Yoga hosted a virtual session on breathing techniques, desk yoga, and a guided meditation.

Low-Intensity Chair Workout from Kuudose: We partnered with Joey Thurman from Kuudose for a low-intensity chair work. Kuudose is a community of fitness and wellness industry authorities offering exclusive workouts, healthy living tips, and mindfulness programs. 

Barre Fitness Class with May Rayos from Move With May: Barre is a workout technique that focuses on low-impact, high intensity movements and pulsing that is designed to strengthen and tone your body. May Rayos is a San Diego-based ACE Certified Fitness Instructor who specializes in barre, spin, and sculpt.

Virtual Self-Defense Class with Lindsay and Stephan Goyne from Bay Jiu-Jiutsu: Yelp colleague Lindsay Goyne and her husband, Stephan, from Bay Jiu-Jiutsu, gave us an introduction to self defense. 

Bachata Lesson with Anacristina Ramirez: Bachata is a genre of Latin American music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Yelp’s very own Anacristina Ramirez took us through some of the basic steps that make this a popular style of dance.