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Transgender Day of Visibility 2021: Language Matters

From our national celebration titles (Latinx Heritage Month) to how we address colleagues in our virtual meetings (y’all, folks, everybody, etc.), the language we use is crucial in defining an inclusive environment at Yelp. We continue to explore new vocabulary, have necessary conversations, and push the envelope on what’s considered the norm. 

As part of our Transgender Day of Visibility celebration this year, we hosted a discussion on the importance of inclusive language, shared examples of bias-free language coupled with actionable reminders, and emphasized that all identities (including trans and nonbinary ones) are incredibly nuanced. This was followed by a string of stories where authenticity and vulnerability shined as the perfect vehicle for education. 

It’s safe to say that a large portion of the 140 attendees left with a shared sense of belonging and having experienced a moment driven by the genuine desire to be an ally. Exchanges like these help us understand that there’s no one way to be human, and as long as you have genuine curiosity, empathy, and commitment at the core, there’s also no one singular way to interact.