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The importance of peer mentorship and access to knowledge

Who says summer school is only for those in school?! This year, our Women at Yelp (WAY) employee resource group launched an event series titled “Find Your WAY” for their community to discover connections, while having productive and encouraging conversations about professional development, mentorship, mental, physical and financial wellness, and much more. 

As a part of this monthly series, a sub-section was born. Through the months of July and August, employees were able to enroll in WAY Summer School. This four-part event series provided opportunities for employees to learn from WAY members and leaders on tangible topics like spreadsheets, slides and presentations, effective written communication, and public speaking. These sessions leaned into the continuous desire our folks have to further their professional development. 

Attendance came in record-breaking numbers, and qualitative feedback solidifies it was a success. But most importantly, these events underlined the importance of peer mentorship and the silver lining of a distributed world where we can continue to lower the access barriers to pivotal knowledge.