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The Gold House Founders Network

In May, Yelp launched an Asian-owned business attribute to make it even easier to find and support local Asian-owned businesses. With the escalation of anti-Asian hate crimes and violence we’ve seen across the nation during the pandemic, there has never been a more important time to support the Asian American community. For the attribute launch, we partnered with Gold House, a nonprofit organization that forges the inclusive unity, representation, and success of Asians and Pacific Islanders.

At Yelp, we’re all about supporting and uplifting local businesses. As part of our partnership with Gold House, we hosted a panel with two graduates from the Gold House accelerator program: The Founders Network, a program helping the most promising Asian entrepreneurs achieve their fundraising and revenue goals. 

Aishwarya Iyer from Brightland and Andrea Xu from UmamiCart joined us for this chat and  shared their unique experiences as business owners, and how they’ve navigated the recent pandemic and issues affecting their community. In addition, we talked to Megan Ruan from Gold House to learn more about the nonprofit and its accelerator program.