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Sustainable Agriculture and Racial Justice

To kick off Plastic Free July and to continue our discussions around social justice, we invited leaders from two nonprofits to tell us more about how they combine sustainability and social justice: Melina Armstead from Kitchen Table Advisors and Doria Robinson from Urban Tilth. 

Kitchen Table Advisors fuels the economic viability of small sustainable farms and ranches through practical business advising and relationship building. Urban Tilth inspires, hires, and trains local residents to cultivate agriculture, feed our community, and restore relationships to land to build a more sustainable food system, within a just and healthier community.

During our chat we talked about how food apartheid is a reality for many families even in supposedly affluent parts of the country, like the San Francisco Bay Area, and how the two organizations team up to help address this inequality. Furthermore, we talked about how sustainable agriculture can help make a positive impact.