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Representation: a nuanced approach to authentic leadership

We often talk about the importance of representation in leadership and how that can make a difference in an employee’s and organization’s future. In today’s climate, when the LGBTQ+ community is still fighting for equality across the globe, it’s even more crucial we hear from leaders in the community.

This past July we had an important conversation with senior queer leaders across our organization, who shared real stories ranging from the nuanced experiences of coming out, to the importance of showing up authentically in the workplace. Equally important were the discussions about career development and how supportive managers outside of the LGBTQ+ community contributed to inclusive spaces where anyone could thrive.

Over 100 employees were left with an important message: revel in your authenticity and be a beacon for change. These conversations are one of the many mediums that help us move the needle forward on creating equity fluent organizations, and most importantly, equity fluent people.