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 Pride Month 2022

Pride Month is more than a blurb in our calendars—it’s an ongoing journey towards an equitable world where we can live our most authentic selves. Whether it’s a celebration, a learning opportunity, or an uncomfortable conversation, this journey is not linear, and it can’t be contained in a single narrative. Our events aim to reflect just that; a mosaic of perspectives and backgrounds united by one common goal: creating a welcoming environment where everyone can belong. 

This year’s events kicked off with one of our newest employee resource groups: Trans*Mission. They hosted a community check-in for the transgender and nonbinary community as well as allies. Similarly, OUTburst hosted a session on coming out stories. Two longtime senior leaders at Yelp led a discussion on their own coming out stories and created a safe space for other community members to ask questions and share theirs. 

It’s no secret parenting brings its own set of challenges. Intersectionality has shown us how these experiences can be amplified by the layered identities that many of us possess. This Pride month, our YelpParents and OUTBurst employee resource groups helped bring to life a conversation that dived into the realities of parenting outside the heteronormative paradigm. 

On the lighter side of things, we also hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour, where Per Sia, a Latinx, nonbinary drag queen and storyteller, taught deeper lessons on diversity, self-love, and appreciation of others. We also continued our musical journey by celebrating LGBTQ+ artists by partnering with Sofar Sounds and closed out the month with a pride workout featuring Justice Williams from Fitness 4 All Bodies.