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Pie Making with Mixed Fillings Pie Shop

With Thanksgiving on our heels, it was time to focus our energy on all things that warm your soul. Chef Natasha Burton of Mixed Fillings Pie Shop showed us how to make a Pecan Pie with a designer crust and a Cheddar Leek Quiche; both recipes were quick and fun to bake along at home!

We learned a few handy tips and tricks from Natasha:

  • Take your chilled pie dough out of the fridge about 20-30 minutes before you “knead” it
  • When rolling out your pie dough, use a rolling pin that’s tapered off at the ends
  • As you fit the dough into the pie pan, think about brushing your hair: as one hand holds the dough, the other gently “brushes” it into shape.
  • Lastly, but almost most importantly, Add brown butter to “EVERYTHING!!!”

If you want to get a pie baked from Natasha herself, you’ll have to travel to Jacksonville, Fl. Yelp Elite, Patricia N, shares this about her most recent visit: “This place truly lives up to being a speakeasy pie shop. You have to head over to the back of the building and ring a triangle to get service. When the door opens, you’re greeted with an enticing menu of pies.”