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Mental Health Awareness Month 2020: Wellbeing at Yelp

At Yelp, we understand the importance of mental wellbeing. Working from home brought its own set of challenges. And after a transition that affected all of our employees in one way or another, we knew we needed to do more than offer our usual mental health benefits. Our priority was to make sure our employees didn’t feel like they were going through it alone. 

As part of Yelp’s Mental Health Awareness Month celebration in May, we hosted a panel discussion. Some of our employees shared their personal mental health journeys. A simultaneous live chat allowed more than three hundred attendees to support the panelists and share their own experiences. 

A week later, licensed therapist, Erika Thrower, joined us to share a professional perspective. Over five hundred attendees benefited from her insights and strategies on maintaining mental wellbeing while working from home.  Erika encouraged employees to practice gratitude for what they can control and to prioritize self care through the power of routines. 

It’s our top priority for our employees to work and live while being their most authentic selves. We know, however, that it’s on us to create an environment where they all feel safe to do so. Encouraging dialogue on topics like mental health allows our community to embrace different facets of identity and promotes empathy amongst our workplace.