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Meet Tyler Sahlstrom, Partner Sales Manager at Yelp

Curious what it’s like to work at Yelp in Partner Sales? Today, we get the full scoop from Tyler Sahlstrom, Partner Sales Manager at Yelp based in San Francisco. “I manage ten people who are reaching out to marketing and advertising agencies that work with and manage small and midsize businesses in local communities. Our job is to help these local agencies manage clients who are a good fit for our Yelp products,” says Tyler.

Photo of Tyler Sahlstrom, Partner Sales Manager at Yelp

Q: Tell us about your journey at Yelp
A: I am incredibly fortunate to have started at Yelp as a local Account Executive (AE), speaking with and helping local business owners market their businesses in front of local consumers. Afterwards as a Mid-market AE, I started helping larger businesses with 5-30 locations on Yelp. Then in 2017, I joined the new Yelp Partnership team to help local advertising agencies manage Yelp as a service to their small and midsize business clients.

A Partner Sales Manager at Yelp stands smiling

Q: How have Yelp’s benefits made a positive impact on your life?
A: I’m a HUGE fan of personal physical and mental wellness. Yelp’s monthly financial health and wellness benefit has helped me discover new ways to work out and lead a healthier lifestyle through fitness and mindfulness.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about working at Yelp?
A: The greatest thing about working at Yelp are the PEOPLE! I’m so fortunate to work with an incredible leadership team and people who have the same mission of helping small and midsize businesses navigate this unique economic landscape.

Q: What happened during your best day at work?
A: My best day at work was when I had just finished onboarding a brand new agency partner who had a client that I assisted with Yelp ads back in my Local AE days. I learned that the agency were old college friends of mine, and their client was a podiatrist that I had worked with on our Yelp advertising program. Once we had discovered the connection, the partnership blossomed, and they are still a commissioned Yelp advertising partner to this day.

Q: Tell us about a community at Yelp that you’re proud to be a part of
A: Yelp Cares. Serving the local communities that we operate in is a big motivation for me, and I love the fact that Yelp consciously finds ways to give back to the communities we serve.

Q: What’s something that can only happen here?
A: CULTURE. During the early days of our department, we all dressed up as the “Channel 5 News Team” a la Anchorman for Halloween. During those days, we were known as the Yelp Channel Team, and we all dressed up as characters from the popular movie (to great fanfare from our friends and colleagues).

Want to work with Tyler?

Tyler started at Yelp as an Account Executive, and is now celebrating his 5th Yelpiversary as a Partner Sales Manager. Explore a new career path at Yelp to start your own journey! Check out some of our job openings to find an opportunity that interests you.

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